About Serket Jewelry

Serket Jewelry is a home-based business that was launched in the Fall of 2009. The name “Serket” is an Egyptian name of the scorpion-goddess; protector and healer in Ancient Egyptian culture. Serket’s name means, “the one who causes the throat to breathe”. This name was chosen in respect to the definition and an infatuation for Egyptian art and culture.

Serket Jewelry believes that one of the best ways to communicate who we are is through what we are wearing. It is inevitable to wear clothing however; to wear jewelry comes from our comprehension and admiration for beauty and the necessity for personal expression to the world. Serket Jewelry considers the uniqueness of each customer. Therefore, we do not reproduce an exclusive piece. If someone proudly wears a piece we made and it makes them feel wonderful, then we want them to “own” the experience for themselves and not feel they have to share it.


Serket Jewelry strives to stay current with fashion trends and being in the “know.” We have an insatiable yearning for newness and an enthusiasm for the memorable. We enjoy creating custom jewelry for special occasions and everyday outfits. Serket Jewelry hopes that you cherish wearing our jewelry as much as we love creating them.